Kasha Yang   May 2016 



Abdominal Acupuncture (AA) is a new micro acupuncture method. The method is based on the use of three levels within our abdomen meridian system. By using needles to these abdominal acupuncture points many forms of disease can be treated.

The Abdominal Meridian System or AMS for short is a network of meridians dominated by the ShenQue system. The acupuncture point ShenQue is at the heart of AMS. AMS it self resembles the form of a tortoise and is usually referred to as such. When needles are placed on the points within AMS, one not only pays attention to the placement of the needle but also to the use of different depths of the needle. Practice has shown that when placing the needle on various depths results can drastically change.

The exceptionally beneficial results when using the AMS, could be explained as followed:

–   During the embryonale stage the ShenQue point is at the centre of every microscopic regulation of the body;
–   As a system ShenQue forms the base to all meridian points in the body;
–   ShenQue is responsible for the communication between the meridians and regulation of the arteries and blood circulation aka the “CHI”;
–   ShenQue lies at the heart of every meridian system.

With ShenQue as its centre the AMS system regulates the distribution and circulation of the blood and “Chi” throught the whole body. By placing needles in the abdominal area around the navel, it is possible to influence, guide and control this system whenever it is not working properly.

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Practitioners of the technique discovered that in order to get favourable and desired results one had to place a combination of needles at three different depths in the abdominal area. Each depth has its particular area of influence as well as therapeutic effect. The interlinking and connecting of the points at various depths is what makes AMS such a special and effective system.

Depth 1:
The top (most shallow) level of penetration develops when the foetus is in the embryonic stage. It influences the head, torso and the upper and lower extremities. This part of the AMS is pictured as the image of the sacred turtle.

Depth 2:
The middle level of penetration is located in the classical “JingLo” meridian system. By using this system and this level the AMS points of the 1st depth are connected to the AMS points of the 3rd depth.

Depth 3:
The bottom (deepest) level of penetration is located at each of the AMS points and is developed by organogenesis. This level is connected with all the inner organs in the body. The BaGua map, an ancient study of the 8 elements in 8 directions and its influence on the organs, is used for selecting the correct points to help create the desired effect.

The best way to learn the differences between the 3 depths and their therapeutic effects can best be learned through practice.
Differences in pathology influences each level in a different way. Length of time, the different sources of disease, other treatments and the uniqueness of each person can result in different approach for each patient. Therefore treatment of patients with on the surface the same pathology can be totally different.