Dutch Institute of Abdominal Acupuncture (DIAA)

DIAA is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and specialized in offering a variety of courses on the subject of Abdominal Acupuncture (AA).

Founder, Kasha Yang, has successfully been practicing abdominal acupuncture for the last 10 years at her practice ChinaMedic.
Her joy and love for the ancient art of acupuncture and the modern application of AA have inspired her to found the institute in 2007 in order to teach fellow acupuncturists and share her experiences.

The Institute’s objective
–    Introduction of AMS techniques among acupuncturists in The Netherlands and Europe;
–    Organizing (refresher) courses in abdominal acupuncture;
–    To be and act like a communication bridge between China and the Netherlands;
–    To inform acupuncturists about the latest research and discoveries in the field of
abdominal acupuncture.

More about Kasha
Kasha Yang is a registered acupuncturist and herbalist. She is the member of   Dutch Association of Acupuncture (N.V.A.) and  the member of  China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Abdominal Acupuncture Committee.

She was first introduced to AA in 2005 during a visit to China for a series of refresher courses.
When compared to the classical method of acupuncture, the benefits of AA are very clear. Abdominal Acupuncture shows quick health improvements, appears to be a more effective process and is experienced by patients as far less painful.
These facts were such an inspiration that Kasha decided to specialize in abdominal acupuncture and spend some time in China emerging her self in study and practice.
Upon her return to Amsterdam she started, together with her husband, her own acupuncture clinic ChinaMedic and has been successfully practicing Abdominal Acupuncture ever since.

2017 China visit to Prof.  ZhiYun bo

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Course 2016 ( Chinese acupuncturist group)

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Some pictures since 2007

DSC02469 IMG_1257Seminaar AA samen foto Seminar AA 2009