1. Our study groups are small with a maximum of 15 students. This insures a personal and intimate atmosphere with the best opportunity for good contact with the teacher/lecturer and among students.
  2. The teacher/lecturer will be very knowledgeable as well very experienced due to many years clinical practice.
  3. You will get the chance to do an apprenticeship at ChinaMedic clinic to learn AA and how we diagnose and treat patients by TCM methods.
  4. We offer the opportunity to give your name and contact information to our clients who is looking for an acupuncturist nearby them. This means clients will be able to find you when they look for a acupuncturist who does abdominal acupuncture.
  5. Abdominal Acupuncture for us is not only a technique, it is a philosophy, a wisdom, which will open up doors to the world of acupuncture you never thought of before.